We operate with the highest standards of integrity. Whether participating in community activities, managing our climate footprint, or ensuring we treat our team and stakeholders with respect and kindness, we are committed to positively influencing society through our work and our daily activities. Our goal is to deliver excellence to both our clients and community.


Contributing to the communities in which we live and work is a fundamental part of our culture. We also love coming together as a family. This led to the creation of VoloCare, our philanthropy program. Our mission is to give our employees and their families the opportunity to collaborate to positively impact our local community. Our events are not just about raising money for charitable initiatives; they are a way for our team to come together and engage with our neighbors to provide real relief in areas with genuine need.


Our community is important to us. We have several annual events to support non-profit organizations that impact education, the environment, health and poverty. We leverage the resources and human capital of Voloridge to make a meaningful difference. We encourage our team members to nominate causes close to their hearts for VoloCare to champion.

Environmental responsibility

As an environmentally conscious company, we aim to counteract our impact with activities that contribute to carbon reduction, such as creating environmental awareness and action through beach cleanups, equipping offices with energy efficient lighting/thermostats/materials, purchasing reusable, compostable and recycled kitchen and office supplies, and other measures.

When it comes to investments, in 2020 Voloridge provided proprietary capital to seed Volo Earth, a venture capital group that manages funds that invest in early-stage green-tech and climate-impact-oriented companies. We also invest proprietary firm capital directly into Volo Earth’s funds. Based on Volo Earth’s Impact Report, the carbon reduction impact of our investments in their funds is projected* to be greater than 1 tonne of carbon per dollar invested.

*Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions with respect to the future, involve risk and uncertainties and are not guarantees. Future results may differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements.

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