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Aaron Freedman
Aaron Freedman
Lead Strategy Manager
Alexis Johnson
Alexis Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Barry Miller
Barry Miller
Chris Schnyer
Chris Schnyer
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Daniel Hammack
Daniel Hammack
Lead Strategy Manager
David Vogel
David Vogel
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist
Howard Haney
Howard Haney
Chief Technology Officer
Jock Jones
Jock Jones
Chief Operating Officer
John Stein
John Stein
Chief Marketing Officer
Kevin Jacobs
Kevin Jacobs
Chief Investment Officer
Mark M. Kamp
Mark M. Kamp
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Regan Thompson
Regan Thompson
Chief Administrative Officer


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Meet Our People

What do you enjoy most about your role at Voloridge? 
I enjoy being able to apply my math skills and work with intelligent people who speak the same language as me. 

What were the deciding factors when you made the decision to join Voloridge?  
Mainly location.  This is the only place in this area I found that had a position that would be suitable and a generous compensation package.  When I interviewed, everybody spoke really highly of the employee experience here.

How would you describe a typical day? 
I have collaborations with coworkers, some meetings, coding but mostly I spend the day thinking. 

What drives an academic to consider Quant Research? 
Being able to apply my skills developed in academic research to more practical problems and not having to write papers is also good! 

How does having a PhD prepare you for working at a Quant Firm? 
Having a PhD teaches you how to break down a research problem in the simplest possible way and lets you think about how you can address things in an explainable way.  It teaches you how to attack research problems.

Associate Strategy Manager

What do you do here? 
I am part of the Research Team.  We delve into projects for Strategy Managers.

What made you choose Voloridge?
I was intrigued by the fact that Voloridge combined data with finance given it was an area I wanted more exposure to.  Another factor that was attractive to me was the Kaggle pedigree at Voloridge. When I competed, I remember another Voloridge employee was #1 on the leaderboard.  I thought, if this Kaggle participant is with this company then it must be a good place to be!

Why did you become a Data Scientist?
I am passionate about the data science lifecycle, including business understanding, data preparation, feature engineering, modeling, visualization, reporting and model deployment. 
I really wanted to do something with financial data but knew nothing about the financial markets before moving to the US.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The applied research type of work and working on challenging problems.

Data Scientist

What do you enjoy most about your job? 
I enjoy having the opportunity to create and design new kinds of data pipelines, freedom to explore new technologies, and having a great team! 

What keeps you engaged and inspired to work here? 
Whatever you’re doing at work translates to something bigger. We see the impact and the immediate results. Seeing the follow through of our efforts is very rewarding. 

What is your advice to younger people looking to start a career in data engineering? 
Be a thinker not just a doer. Don’t stop at the surface, go deeper into learning data engineering. Keep reading and keep learning. You’ll never know where your next idea will come from. Stay curious! 

Tell us something about you as a leader.
If one person fails, we all fail. I treat and view everyone as a valuable part of the team. No one is above another. When I make decisions on data architecture, I involve my team in the process. We all work as one. I make sure everyone knows that they are valued and important. 

In your opinion, what is the best perk we offer? 
Voloridge has so many cool things! I enjoy the end-of-year meetings with the amazing speakers we bring in! Very inspiring!

Senior Data Engineer

What tipped the balance when you decided to join Voloridge?
I like the company’s emphasis on work life balance. My peers are all at the top of their game, so we’re rolling with the best in the industry.

What projects or experiences have been the most rewarding so far?
I enjoy the QA and testing of the new datasets which are important to the end user. I like knowing that my contributions in the testing process will ensure a better final product.

What is unique about your current role?
I enjoy being part of a team who is coming up with non-traditional investment strategies.

Why did you decide to become a Data QA Analyst?
I essentially fell into this industry. I come from a biotechnology background. My previous job nurtured my natural talent in problem solving and data techniques which eventually brought me to Voloridge. There was no straight path that led me into data, but I’m so happy I am here.

Data QA Analyst

What do you enjoy most about your role at Voloridge? 
I enjoy the professional challenge, working with intelligent professionals and getting mentorship from more senior individuals.  The people are very creative, which provides professional development and learning opportunities.

Why did you choose to join Voloridge? 
The financial services industry was intriguing and I wanted to explore it. Throughout the interview process, I felt the team was excited to potentially have me onboard and work on crucial tasks I could take ownership of. Voloridge is a great company with competitive benefits and alluring social aspects. The employees are a tight knit group and you are presented with many opportunities to socialize. I like that families are involved in events and it feels like the Company cares for its employees.

How does teamwork and collaboration play a part in your role at Voloridge?
I work closely with multiple developers daily to discuss new features and 1:1 with developers on more specific ideas that stem from collaboration with the team.  The teamwork allows for others to help with your blind spots.  The developers here have tons of experience in different fields and there’s a huge learning opportunity.  It is really a great environment for innovation. 

What is your favorite Voloridge perk? 
The food! 

Software Engineer

Did you relocate to join Voloridge? 
Yes, I was in Baltimore, Maryland and happy to move to Florida with its beautiful beaches and no snow!

What do you enjoy most about your role? 
The best part about being a Product Manager is the collaboration with different teams and being able to see the bigger picture.  I get to work with different people from different backgrounds, discussing problems and solving issues as a team.

Where do you see Teamwork and Collaboration demonstrated in your role?
Everywhere!  All aspects of my job involve collaboration.  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this component.  I cherish this interaction. 

What would you say to someone considering joining Voloridge? 
Jump right in!  It’s a great place to work, the culture is great, the team building is fantastic.  There are so many perks to working here and it has a warm family feel. 

Product Manager

What do you enjoy most about your job at Voloridge? 
I like our open-door mentality and the amazingly talented people we work with.  We get to operate with top notch technology and have a very collaborative environment. 

What were the deciding factors when you decided to join? 
I always liked mathematics and strategy games growing up.  I knew right out of college that the ever-changing market enticed me.  

Can you tell us about a memorable experience on the Trading Desk?
In all my days working as a trading engineer, I’ve never seen the market move the way it did in the beginning of the pandemic.  I’ve never seen a full market halt before!

What resources are provided to fulfill your career goals?
We get a lot of opportunities to attend conferences, which has brought us new cool ideas for projects. 

What’s your favorite Voloridge Perk?
Massages are probably my favorite!

Trading Engineer

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I like the independence of my job. I have a vast array of projects I can work on.  While my manager gives me direction, I am given the freedom to choose my own process.

What keeps you engaged and inspired to work here? 
The constant learning is very engaging. With the independence given, I have the liberty to learn and grow in different ways that apply to my work.

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career as a Trading Analyst? 
Learn programming!  You can’t have enough hard skills.  Take some classes in Python or any other related education. 

What’s your favorite Voloridge perk?
I really enjoy the salad bar! I can have a good healthy lunch without stressing where to find quality food. 

If you were speaking to someone who was considering joining Voloridge, what would you say? 
The culture is awesome! You’re going to love working here.  You’ll learn a lot, grow immensely and be surrounded by quality people. 

Equity Trading Analyst

Why did you choose Voloridge? 
I moved from NYC and was intrigued by the quality of the people at Voloridge.  I also liked the Florida lifestyle. 

What does your role involve? 
I access the marketplace and different investor channels in order to market Voloridge funds that are raising money. I also speak to current clients to keep them up to speed with monthly changes and general business updates.  

What do you enjoy most about working at Voloridge?
The people are what I enjoy most about working here.  Everybody around you has an incredible work ethic and wants to succeed together which I’ve always found to be the best recipe for a successful team.

What’s your favorite Voloridge Perk?
Our Regular Beach Volleyball games, known here as VoloBall!

Business Development Analyst

What drove you to become an Executive Assistant?
I love helping people so whatever career I was going to have would have to satisfy that desire within me. I started as a legal secretary and realized that I preferred the administrative side.

Describe your job for someone who may not know what you do? 
I am a facilitator of the calendar, which equates to 25% of my workload.  The other 75% is analysis and ad hoc reporting, assistance to other departments and working on presentations.

What keeps you engaged and inspired to work here? 
When I first saw the Core Values, I liked that they matched my own.  Now, over five years later, I am still happily engaged in my role here.  Voloridge adheres to these values in our day-to-day activities and decisions.  

What is unique about your role? 
I have a lot of autonomy and trust from my boss and the whole team.  One of the cool things about Voloridge is the opportunity to share in an interchange of knowledge.  This allows me to take every opportunity to learn about new productivity tips and tricks that I can share with everyone. 

Executive Assistant

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